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The Tenderloin National Forest

Yup.. you heard me right.. I said Tenderloin.. as in San Francisco Tenderloin and yup, I said National Forest too..anyone who has heard of or been in the Tenderloin prolly can't even imagine that the words would ever go together, but indeed it is true.. and here's the website and pictures to prove it..

so, if greenery can grow here.. you better believe they can grow anywhere.. no excuses!!


via ecogeek and carbonfarm
The Tenderloin National Forest is located in Cohen Alley off Ellis Street in the San Francisco Tenderloin. The Tenderloin has an extremely diverse population and is home to numerous non-profit organizations that provide housing, meals, health and other services.

The high concentration of apartment buildings in the Tenderloin gives it the densest population (people per square mile) in the city, and also the highest proportion of families and children. It is also one of the poorest, with a median family income of around $20K, a figure that is less half the overall city average. The area has a large number of immigrants from Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America, and the 2004 demographic summary stated that the Tenderloin is home to the city's entire Cambodian population.

The Tenderloin National Forest was created to address the lack of green space in this neighborhood. The Forest is intended to be an inspiration and model for others to attempt gardening in the inner city. People are welcome to come by the Forest to look, and if the gate is open (when the gardeners are there), to see the plants and exchange ideas about forests and flora in the city.

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