Friday, September 28, 2007

Latest developments in Burma

The violence is continuing and a lockdown has now begun. Military forces have sealed off five monasteries that were focal points of previous mass marches, as well as key religious sites in Rangoon, including the Shwedagon and Sule pagodas.

Internet in Rangoon has been severed. International mobile phone signals have been interrupted and soldiers are searching people for cameras and mobile phones.

Don't believe the reported death tolls either - it's much much higher. Monasteries have been raided and hundreds of monks are thought to have been detained. Pictures from Burma show ransacked monasteries with pools of blood on the ground. They've even had to convert a local race track into a detainment area for the arrested protesters

For more: see the BBC article

Thank you so much gmhembree for your brave brave photos.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Great Video that shows the events in Burma

This video is great. It shows clips of what it's really like in Burma

The Latest Accounts in Burma

Essentially, in this video the caller/eyewitness describes how the military was beating the monks and kicking them with military boots. They threw the monks onto the army trucks and shot rounds of tear gas into the crowds of bystanders. It happened near the area where many religious items are sold. He points out how the soliders stood on the pagoda grounds with boots on, which is also considered a great disrespect in this deeply religious Buddhist country.

Here is the latest NPR (AP) news report. It horrifies me to read that last night trucks of the miltary raided a monastery in the middle of the night, beat and arrested and took away in the middle of the night. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Free Burma

More bits of news that I wanted to make sure to remember..

Accounts from Inside Burma on the BBC

"Now the military junta is reducing the internet connection bandwidth and we have to wait for a long time to see a page. Security forces block the route of demonstrations. Yesterday night, the junta announced to people in Rangoon and Mandalay not to leave their houses 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM. I think if the junta decides, they will cut off communication such as internet and telephone lines so that no information can be leaked to the outside world. David, Rangoon"

And a few pictures.. these photos are amazing and I am forever grateful for is all about communicating what is going on to the outside world and that we never forget the bravery we are seeing now

Here is the original set Thank you gmhembree

And check out this blog ko htike's prosaic collection.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Burma - what you should know UPDATED

I realize that many do not quite recognize the name as a country in Asia, nevertheless where the heck it is and what is going on in the country. But being of Burmese descent I feel that what I find, I should share and unfortunately it is not pleasant. Burma has been ruled under a military regime for as long as I can remember. Sad and frustrating, the third world living conditions the people live in are oppressive and bleak in a land that was once one of the richest countries in South East Asia. Below is an excellent series of articles and links that give a glimpse into what it is to live in Burma now.

Burma: Orwellian state, with teashops
... BBC News

Life under Burma's military regime
... BBC News

Other Links: Irrawaddy News Magazine

SEPT 25, 2007 UPDATE: There have been recent developements in Burma that bring to mind the events of 1988. Throngs of monks and citiziens have been holding peaceful marches in Yangoon and other cities in Burma. Today I just found out that the government has just imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew in two cities. While my utmost support goes out to the brave protestors, my heart is tight with concern and fear that violence as seen in 1988 is in the horizon. What can we do? The only way to prevent such atrocities is make them visible to the public and mass media. Spread the word and let the world know that military oppression will not be tolerated. For the news story, click here.

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